Consumer happiness principle Coates, furniture Inegeul one of the leading manufacturer of wood furniture groups .

Modern style furniture manufacturing industry as a new option on this issue and are taking steps every day 1987 is based on the foundation of our organization . Since 2004 , however, with a professional staff Coates Furniture has created the brand . In addition to our original design , in line with consumer demand and site-specific production people operate .

Our goal in several models , with a choice of rich colors and quality model prepares you more livable spaces and to facilitate kaliteleştir your life by .

Consumer indispensable quality and robustness of our happiness , all at affordable prices , enter as indispensable for us to offer our products provide 2 year warranty . High standard domestic and overseas production capacity reaching many areas we offer our products to our customers .

As far as our organization then our most important taahüdü the highest level of service and quality standards to keep. Quality is respect for the man himself . Coates furniture which is of great importance worldwide . Our products with high ratings in Inegeul furniture fair is located in the upper class .

Our products are patented.